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We recognise the value of Diesel Particulate Filters, or DPFs, in removing soot and particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust fumes at McKenzie & Haywards Garage in Linton. These filters are extremely effective, eliminating up to 85% of the soot produced during engine operation.

It is critical to remove the accumulated soot from the DPF on a regular basis in order to preserve its performance. To achieve filter regeneration, our professional technicians employ innovative technology such as fuel burners. The filter is heated to combustion temperatures throughout this phase, allowing particles to be oxidised at lower temperatures, a process known as ‘filter regeneration.’

The illumination of the EML (Engine Management Light) is one of the first signs of a DPF problem. If your DPF is not renewing, a ‘forced regeneration’ could be a cost-effective alternative, saving you up to £1000 when compared to a full DPF replacement.

We have the necessary equipment and software at McKenzie & Haywards Garage to perform these important jobs for most makes and models, ensuring that your DPF runs properly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide these services at much lower costs than DPF replacement, giving you dependable and reasonable solutions for all of your DPF needs.

To find out more about DPF Cleaning in Linton, get in touch online or call McKenzie & Haywards Garage on 01223 894 140

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